Registration guidelines for conducting pre convention courses

  • Only IPS members and registered delegates of 25th IPS pg convention can submit the abstract and apply for the Pre-Convention Course.
  • Delegates are allowed to submit one or be a part of one Pre-Convention course: They cannot be the chief mentor and or co-authors for more than one scientific deliberation.
  • The Pre convention courses are scheduled on the 2nd June 2023.
  • Your structured abstract and Pre-Convention details should be submitted under one of the following categories
Sr .no category Examples  Available slots
1 Material science  1.Diagnostic tools demo.
2.New materials manipulation and application.
3.pre clinical exercise demo
2 Intermittent clinical 1.Photography & documentation.
2.Newer advances in cd, fdp,rdp
3 Advanced clinical. 1.TMJ.
3. MFP
4.Digital technology
4 Team build up 1.Ceramics.
2.lab work flow for implants.
3.lab communication for smile designing
5 Career guidance 1.what after mds.
2.clinical set up & financing.
3. Offline and online ethical marketing.
6 Interdisciplinary 1.Role of other dental specialities to bring the best outcome and treatment plan .
2.Topics which attract other specialists to attend our pcc.
  • Pre-convention courses (PCC) have been distributed at varied categories to harness all batches of postgraduate students and practitioners. Mentors are requested to select topics based on these categories.Acceptance of PCC is based on policy of giving equal weightage to all above mentioned categories and decision of the committee is final.
  • Twenty participant registrations are mandatory on or before 1 month of convention.
  • Pre-convention courses that are only lectures and demonstrations with out any hand on will not be accepted.
  • Apart from the mentor , one co-mentor for every 10 participants is advised.
  • The Pre-conference course that has not been conducted at any other state, national or international scientific meeting in the very recent past will be given preference.
  • The course conductors should state whether any soft copy of course materials will be provided to the participants.
  • The course mentor or the co-mentors are requested to arrange for the required materials and infrastructure support on their own and the conference organising committee is not liable to arrange for any material support. The COC will be liable to provide only a hall with audio visual facilities.
  • The organising committee shall not take the responsibility of registering the participants to the pre convention course.
  • The decision of the scientific committee is final and binding in all situations.
  • Video recordings of Pre conference courses at convention will become property of indian prosthodontic society.
  • Cancellation without prior intimation and approval by the committee will be barred from presentation in next 3 ips conferences

  • The structured abstract should not exceed 250 words.
  • Abstract should include Title/Topic, Background, Aim, Objective, important concepts and Hands on topics to be covered.
  • Abstracts with plagiarism will not be accepted.
  • Abstract are to be submitted online only on the official website. No abstract shall be accepted as e-mail, fax, hard copies etc.
  • Last date of submission and uploading the abstract is 28th February 2023.
  • The scientific committee reserves the right not to consider the Pre-Conference course that does not comply with the specifications.
  • The Course coordinators and co-mentors will ensure that all preparations and arrangements are in place well in advance, and should have completed the preview process before the commencement of the session.
  • The list of selected Pre-Convention courses will be displayed on the website by 15th March 2023.

For Queries

1. Contact:Dr. Ram Basany

PCC Chairman

Mobile: 9848059645

2. Contact:Dr. Nirban mitra

PCC Co-Chairman

Mobile: 7719942428

3. Contact: Dr. Venkat Aditya

PCC Co-Chairman

Mobile: 9963670077